Inspired by the New Horizons photos. I thought it'd be fun to personify Pluto as a pin-up.

The various elements in this are based off both the planet and the mythological being that the planet is named after. Pluto was the guardian of the Underworld (and the holder of the key to the underworld, hence the key). He was often shown holding a bident, which is that tattoo on her arm. And there's just the barest of hints of a wisp of smoky tendrils emanating out from behind her, which also ties into my image of the Underworld.

She also, of course, has the heart on her shirt based on the famous heart as seen from the New Horizons images of Pluto (lower right corner of the planet).

The symbols on the upper left and right are the planetary symbol for Pluto (the original one).

And last but not least, she's small and lovable, just like the dwarf planet-once-full-planet.

The background consists of the Kuiper Belt, which Pluto rests within, and a very distant sun.
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