Thanatophobia is the fear of death or the process of dying. This is depicting a very specific vision of that. From my childhood, I remember fearing that my soul or consciousness would be somehow tied to my body after death. This is a glimpse into that world. A forced haunting, in essence.
After adding the chains linking them to their graves/bodies, I thought it felt very much like jail. Hence, the warden.
Here’s an apt excerpt from a psychology book that I found online, Thanatophobia and Immortality, written in 1915 by Stanley Hall: “The distinction between psyche and soma, of which death is often the first teacher, is hard for the realistic minds of children to make. Told that Papa or Mamma rest or sleep in the ground, they ask why there, why it is so cold and dark, why they do not wake, what they eat, and who feeds them…”
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Thank you!
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